Miko S. Simmons,
Re Knew All: A Visual Jazz Odyssey

It aint magic…but it seems like it! Charlie Parker (Be Bop Jazz pioneer)

Re Knew All – Visual Jazz Odyssey, at its core is free expression that challenges our normal projections of time and space. It is collaborative and improvisational within the boundaries of structure and order. It is spiritual and contemplative connecting us to familiar memories. It is dedication to honoring the legacy of the art-form. It celebrates the Ancestors while being poised for the future.

Visual Jazz Odyssey, is a performance art event that weaves the audience through a tapestry of transformative rhythms of light and sound, ritual and story, celebrating my rich Rondo community legacy. Stories of strength and resilience, failures and successes, activism and courage, but foremost about family and community rooted in a strong sense of liberatory consciousness* that evokes a new co-creative language that moves us towards healing.

… in essence is an immersive improvisational Jam session creating the atmosphere that gives permission for moments to arrive…

*Liberatory consciousness is a force that enables an individual to live his or her life in oppressive systems and institutions with awareness and intentionality.

Miko Simmons is an international award-winning Multimedia Artist/Theatrical Projection Designer/ Composer who has been innovating in the convergence of digital techniques for film, animation and theater for more than twenty years. He is currently transforming the worlds of theater, opera, dance, museum and fine art installations around the world.

Composer MMYYKK is a founding member of the AstralBlak Band.



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Hallie Q. Brown Community Center

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9pm - 2am each night


Miko S. Simmons
(b.) Saint Paul
(works) Saint Paul
(b.) Los Angeles, CA
(works) Minneapolis
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