Hello Northern Spark Volunteers!

Volunteer for Northern Spark! Northern Spark 2019 is back for our two night festival (on June 14 & 15 from 9pm to 2 am each night), taking place in three neighborhoods across the Twin Cities: the American Indian Cultural Corridor in Minneapolis, The Commons in downtown Minneapolis and the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul.

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Every year, Northern Spark relies on volunteers to make the festival a success. Shifts are a short, two and a half hours, which means that you don’t have to miss out on the festival night to help make it happen! You can choose to volunteer with a friend and make this experience even more unique!

Volunteers welcome the audience giving informations and asking questions about the festival. You can decide to be stationed at one of our info hubs (perfect if you have mobility limitations) or rove around and experience the festival while being the face and the spirit of Northern Spark!

Have a question? Email the Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteers@northern.lights.mn
Want more info? Check our website or join our volunteer facebook group.
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This year’s theme is We Are Here: Resilience, Renewal & Regeneration .

Resilience: We bend but don’t break.
Renewal: We survive. We thrive.
Regeneration: We nurture our roots and acknowledge our power within.

This year’s theme was developed by the Program Council in response to community input. We Are Here: Resilience, Renewal & Regeneration  celebrates just a few of the neighborhoods in our city that continue to rise as they renew and regenerate themselves.

There is still time to sign up! Join us and share what “We Are Here” means to you!