Program Council

2019 Program Council, NL colleagues and community partners. Back row, left to right: Sara Endelew, Jonathan Palmer, Pa Na Lor, Donald Thomas, Alex Buffalohead, Sarah Peters, Teeko Yang. Front row, left to right: Khadija Muse, Mary Anne Quiroz, Aki Shibata, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE.

Northern Lights recognizes that equity work is long and continuous, and that progress doesn’t happen without intentionality. With the Program Council, a group of artists and organizers from various disciplines, we have created a Vision and Mission that will continue to evolve into the future.


The Program Council works with Northern Lights to address and promote racial equity by identifying places within Northern Lights’ programming to advocate for procedural, pragmatic and philosophical changes that increases equity and participation at Northern Spark and other Northern Lights programming.


To help Northern Lights conceive, plan, and execute Northern Spark 2019 in collaboration with community partners and members, with a particular attention to issues of equity and representation in terms of artists, partners, and audiences.

2019 Program Council

Alex Buffalohead, Sara Endalew, Pa Na Lor, Khadijah Zahra Muse, Aki Shibata, Donald Thomas Jr., MaryAnne Quiroz, and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE.

For more information, visit the Program Council page on the Northern site.