Soundscape of Stories

The memory of sitting around a fire, at a table, or in bed listening to a story is one that is shared across many cultures, generations and ages. The shared experience of community through stories is palpable, no matter the type of story. There are stories that teach us life lessons, thrill us, scare us, puzzle us, make us laugh and cry. The stories we carry with us from our childhood shape who we are. The stories we pass on the next generation reveal our hopes, dreams, ethics, beliefs and fears. These stories remind us where we come from, who we love, these stories remind us that We Are Here, We are Resilient, Renewing and Regenerative.

Experience eight recordings of childhood and bedtime stories set to a soundscape of music and sound effects while gazing on the portrait of the storyteller in action as they take you on an adventure, on an escape and revelation. Each hour on the hour a live storytelling event will occur where you will be asked to join the soundscape.

Kashimana is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist, artist and storyteller with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original compositions. The name Kashimana means ‘that’s her heart’ and her catchy and compelling songs show you where her heart beats painting vivid story soundscapes of her experiences.


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Hallie Q. Brown Community Center

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9pm - 2am each night
Kashimana Ahua
(b.) Saint Paul
(works) Saint Paul
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