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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Soundscape of Stories

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The memory of sitting around a fire, at a table, or in bed listening to a story is one that is shared across many cultures, generations and ages. The shared experience of community through stories is palpable, no matter the type of story. There are stories that teach us life lessons, thrill us, scare us, puzzle us, make us laugh and cry. The stories we carry with us from our childhood shape who we are. The stories we pass on the next generation reveal our hopes, dreams, ethics, beliefs and fears. These stories remind us where we come from, who we love, these stories remind us that We Are Here, We are Resilient, Renewing and Regenerative.

Experience eight recordings of childhood and bedtime stories set to a soundscape of music and sound effects while gazing on the portrait of the storyteller in action as they take you on an adventure, on an escape and revelation. Each hour on the hour a live storytelling event will occur where you will be asked to join the soundscape.

Kashimana is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist, artist and storyteller with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original compositions. The name Kashimana means ‘that’s her heart’ and her catchy and compelling songs show you where her heart beats painting vivid story soundscapes of her experiences.

Filsan Ibrahim is an environmentalist, community organizer, and instigator for change. She hopes to use her voice to improve the lives of those in her community, focusing especially on the importance of being engaged in the entire process of democracy. Story Title: A Tale of Two Ramadans

Dr. Sheronda Orridge is a writer, spoken word artist, certified facilitator, motivational speaker, certified doula, curriculum developer, and community organizer. She is the recipient of the 2012 Leap Forward African American Award, the 2012 National Parent Leadership Award, and the 2011 Community Honor Roll Award. Sheronda uses her talents and strengths as tools to organize communities around education, poverty, foreclosure and to promote Holistic Healing. Story title: Heaven’s Law

Keiona Cook is a Queen of many artist trades. She is a women’s wear Couture Fashion Designer. She is a sewing and yoga instructor for youth at her own nonprofit, Lovely’s Sewing & Arts Collective. She is a children’s book author and illustrator and the most enchanting thing about her is her artistic work that she does from acrylic and found objects to inspire the world around her to smile. Story Title: Lovely Helps Mommy Fold the Laundry , Mommy’s Lesson

Beverly Cottman, also known as Auntie Beverly Storyteller, believes in and values the inherent ability of every person to be creative and to experience joy in that creation. As a storytelling teaching artist, she shares her love for the oral tradition by presenting activities and experiences that are engaging, affirming, and supportive. Story Title: Friendship

Danielle Daniel is an actress, storyteller, author and educator. Her programs have received rave reviews from students, parents, and educators. She believes creative arts can build strong learning communities and telling our stories validate who we are, while connecting us to our world. Through our stories we pass on our wisdom, values, courage, and faith. Story Titles: Ms. Hattie Jenkins, Bro Tiger and The Great Wind

Miriam Ibrahim: Story Titles: Two Folktales: Dhegdheer and The Hare and the Turtle


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Hallie Q. Brown Community Center Club Room A in Hallie Q. Brown Center

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9pm - 2am each night
Kashimana Ahua
(b.) Saint Paul
(works) Saint Paul
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Filsan Ibrahim
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Dr. Sheronda Orridge
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Keiona Cook
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Beverly Cottman
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Danielle Daniel
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