Jeremy Wong,
Digital Graffiti Wall

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The Walker presents Digital Graffiti Wall, designed and hosted by Tangible Interactions – a digital interaction studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Tangible Interaction’s Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like real street art. Anyone can grab one of the digital spray cans and take a turn creating their own work on the digital wall. Select your own custom backdrop, with images taken by photographers of both the American Indian Cultural Corridor and the Rondo Neighborhood, bringing a piece of each zone to downtown Minneapolis.

Jeremy Wong is the lead artist for Digital Graffiti Wall and works with Tangible Interactions. Tangible Interactions began in 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia, led by artist Alex Beim. Today, our multidisciplinary team has expertise in graphic design, industrial design and sound design, as well as electronics engineering and software development.

 Courtney Arlene Cochran is an Indigenous artist, documentary filmmaker, and community organizer from Duluth, MN. She is currently residing in Minneapolis and attends the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she is majoring in filmmaking with a teaching artist minor. Courtney is the Digital Graffiti Wall photographer.

Team Credits: Mark Olson – Tangible Interactions, Aysha Mazumdar Stanger, Keegan Swenson


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Courtney Cochran
(b.) Duluth, MN
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